CD "The Golden Age of the Piano", by label  querstand
Works by

> Schubert/v.Dohnányi, Godowsky, Kreisler/Rachmaninoff, Kodály/Foldes, Gärtner/Friedman, Strauß/Friedman, Brahms/Grainger, Tchaikowsky/Grainger
and Brahms/Cziffra

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CD "Exquisite Rarities of Piano Music", by label Brioso Recordings, BR143
Works by

> Rachmaninoff, Scarlatti/Granados, Brahms/Bigger, Bach/Warren, de Séverac, Tchaikowsky/Wild, Bach/Kabalewsky, Fauré/Cortot, Medtner, Schoeck/Bigger, Purcell/Stevenson, Schubert/Godowsky, Mozart/Stradal, Foster/Warren, Brahms/Cziffra and Händel/Wild

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CD "The Leschetizky School", by label  Antes
Works by

> Hambourg, Friedman and Gabrilowitsch as well as
Schubert/Friedman, Händel/Friedman, Gärtner/Friedman, Bach/Zadora,  Schubert/Zadora, Schumann/Zadora and Delibes/Zadora

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Further recordings on YouTube:
Dirk Schäfer: Paraphrase on themes from the "Wiener Blut" waltz by Johann Strauß jun.
J.S.Bach: Bourrée from Sonata for violin solo, BWV 1002, transcribed for piano by Leopold Godowsky
W.A.Mozart: Minuet from Divertimento for string quartet and two horns, KV 334, transcribed for piano by Ignaz Friedman
F.Schubert: "Die Forelle" ("The Trout") for voice and piano, D 550, transcribed for solo piano by Leopold Godowsky
R.Schumann: "Du bist wie eine Blume" ("A flower to me Thou seemest") for voice and piano, op.25 No.24, transcribed for solo piano by Leopold Godowsky
CD "In the Old Style", by label  Antes
Works by

> Sinding, Foote and de Castillon as well as Grazioli/MacDowell, Rameau/MacDowell, Bach/Schmid-Lindner, Brahms/Busoni, Bach/Melartin, Bach/Bigger, Reger/Bigger, Ritter/Bigger and Sattler/Bigger

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SACD "Theodor Leschetizky — Morceaux pour Piano", by Label  BIS Records
(Hybrid SACD, containing Audio CD, DSD stereo and DSD Surround)
Works by Theodor Leschetizky

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Anyone reading my booklet text for this SACD will find the information that, accompanying the recordings, I have written a treatise with thoughts and hints, both specifically on the interpretation of the recorded works and — in the respective context — on more general pianistic and musical questions.
The SACD booklet also mentions that the publication of this essay is planned, in Mr. Burkhard Muth’s publishing house. This was the case at that time, but has not yet been realized.
As far as I am able to see, it will stay that way, and since I wouldn’t like to let the effort I put into it disappear into Nirvana, I have made the text (working title: "With Theodor Leschetizky in the piano workshop") available here as a pdf file under the link below.
In a publication, of course, either the relevant passages of music or, ideally, the entire musical score of the works would have been printed as well; this is not the case in this pdf file, among other things in order to keep the file size within a reasonable range.
Also, a publication would certainly have included an English version of the text, which is not present in this pdf, either, as I didn’t bother to make a translation from my original German text myself, for which I ask you to bear with me.
"With Theodor Leschetizky in the piano workshop"
Brioso CDs always had been available only from the label directly, resulting from Brioso's CEO/owner Tommie Ewert Carl's negative attitude towards CD importers/distributors. I remember a discussion with Tommie in 2004 about the inevitable drawbacks that result from the lack of any distributing network, drawbacks for the public appreciation both of the label as such and of its individual releases (and therefore of the work of the relevant artists). However, Tommie remained with her attitude.
Brioso seems having had a change of its owner, some years ago, but meanwhile long has ended its activities and existence. With the label, also the contents of the former Brioso website have vanished, which to my mind would have been worth keeping, as source of information on the numerous interesting releases of the label.
The artists never got any information on these changes (at least I haven't got any message), and just by chance I became aware of them.
Not a fair, decent way of interacting with the label's artists: In particular, this prevented a possible re-transfer of rights to the respective artist, the recordings are ultimately lost.

Two last, completely planned CD programmes that have to remain unrecorded
See my  notes under
Programme "Songs without Singers"  (recordings were scheduled for April 2021, but had to be cancelled)
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Programme "Variation Rarities of the Romantic"
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